Anti-vibration Insoles HAIX Black Eagle HX901450

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Black Eagle soles have an anatomical design and a number of technical features that ensure the correct and comfortable use of the shoe. An important advantage is that they adapt to the shape of the sole when walking and provide massage at the same time at each step. Also, HAIX Black Eagle soles are air conditioned, they absorb and store the moisture of the foot when walking, while they release it easily and have a very fast drying time.

HAIX Black Eagle insoles are extremely light, offer antibacterial protection and can be washed at 30 ° C. The fibers of the climate sole are chemically neutral and do not cause allergies, while allowing the sole to be ventilated and at the same time to retain the thermal insulation of the shoe.
Try to get used to removing the insoles from the shoe every time you take it off. This process accelerates drying and allows the insole to maintain high yarn properties.

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